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Bol, N., Høie, N.M., Nguyen, M.H., Smit, E.S. (2019). Customization in mobile health apps: Explaining Effects on Physical Activity Intentions by the Need for Autonomy, Digital Health, 5, 1-12.

Given the widespread adoption and technical possibilities of mobile technology, mobile health apps could be potentially effective tools to intervene in people’s daily routines and stimulate physical activity. Self-determination theory and the motivational technology model both suggest that mobile technology can promote health behaviour change by allowing users to customize their online experience when using mobile health apps. However, we know very little about why and for whom customization is most effective. Using a between-subjects experimental design, we tested the effects of customization in mobile health apps among a convenience sample (N = 203). We assessed the effects of customization on perceived active control over mobile health apps, autonomous motivation to use mobile health apps, and intention to engage in physical activity, and tested the moderating role of need for autonomy. Structural equation modelling showed that customization in mobile health apps does not increase perceived active control, autonomous motivation, or the intention to engage in physical activity. However, an interaction effect between customization and need for autonomy showed that customization in mobile health apps leads to higher intentions to engage in physical activity for those with a greater need for autonomy, but not for those with a lesser need for autonomy. The implications for theory and practice are discussed.

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Minh Hao Nguyen, MSc

haoName: Minh Hao Nguyen
PhD: Expected in 2018, University of Amsterdam
Promotors: prof. dr. Julia C. M. van Weert, prof. dr. Ellen M. A. Smets (AMC)
Co-promotor: prof. dr. Eugène F. Loos
MSc: 2014, Communication Science (Research), cum laude
Link: uva.nl/profile/m.h.nguyen &  linkedin.com/in/minhhaonguyen
Interests: eHealth, mHealth, tailoring, patient-provider communication, aging, information processing, new media technologies.
Teaching: Experiment (Research practicum), Introduction to Communication Science (ICW), Internship supervisor.

Title: OCA-IV ‘How to effectively tailor website information to older colorectal cancer patients’ mode preferences: A Randomised Controlled Trial’

This project focuses on how online information should be presented to older cancer patients. In a randomised controlled trial, we investigate the effects of exposure to a website that is tailored to colorectal cancer patients’ mode preferences (offering choices between text only, text with illustrations, video or a combination of these modes) as compared to exposure to a websites presenting the information in a standardised, fixed manner. We particularly focus on differences between older (≥ 65 years) and younger (< 65 years) patients, taking into account both age and age-related factors. The primary outcomes are recall of information and distress before and after the consultations with health professionals. Secondary outcomes are communication during the consultations, patients’ evaluation of the communication, and perceived quality of the decision making process. Ultimately, we aim to establish theory- and evidence-based guidance for optimal information provision to older cancer patients.

Research team:

  • dr. Julia C. M. van Weert & Prof. dr. Ellen M. A. Smets (promotors)
  • dr. Eugène F. Loos (copromotor)
  • Minh Hao Nguyen, MSc (PhD student)
  • Other members: Dr. Nadine Bol, Dr. Madelon Bronner, & Monique Alblas, MSc

Status: Ongoing since September 2014

Funding: Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding)


Minh Hao Nguyen receives lustrumbeurs

Minh Hao Nguyen, one of our PhD candidates, received a travel grant of € 3.000 as part of the UvA385 ‘Lustrumbeurs’. Continue reading >>

Top Student Paper Awards for Nadine Bol and Hao Nguyen

Nadine Bol and Hao Nguyen both won the Philip C. Palm Green Top Student Paper Award at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication 2016. They received the exact same reviewer score, and the scientific advisory board could not make a final decision between the two papers. The committee therefore decided to award them both with the award. Congratulations to both Nadine and Hao!
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De Bruijn, G. J., Nguyen, M. H., Rhodes, R. E., & Van Osch, L. (2017). Effects of preparatory and action planning instructions on situation-specific and general fruit and snack intake. Appetite, 108, 161-170. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2016.09.016

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De Graaf, A., Van den Putte, B., Nguyen, M.-H., Zebregs, S., Lammers, J., & Neijens, P. (2017). The effectiveness of narrative versus informational smoking education on smoking beliefs, attitudes and intentions of low-educated adolescents. Psychology & Health, 32(7), 810–825. doi:10.1080/08870446.2017.1307371

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Nguyen, M. H., Van Weert, J. C. M., Bol, N., Loos, E. F., Tytgat, K. M. A. J., Van De Ven, A. W. H., & Smets, E. M A. (2017). Tailoring the mode of information presentation: Effects on younger and older adults’ attention and recall of online information. Human Communication Research, 43(1), 102-126. doi:10.1111/hcre.12097

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