Stefan Bernritter wins Best Student Paper Award at ICORIA 2014

ASCoR PhD Candidate Stefan Bernritter won the price for his paper ‘Why Nonprofits are More Liked: The Effect of Brand Symbolism and Warmth on Consumers’ Intention to Like Brand Pages on Facebook’ at this year’s International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), held in Amsterdam. The paper was co-authored by his supervisors prof. dr. Edith Smit and dr. ir. Peeter Verlegh
In this paper, the ASCoR researchers examine processes that underlie consumers’ intention to like brand pages on Facebook. In particular, in a set of four experiments, they distinguish between for-profit and nonprofit brands and show that brand warmth and brand symbolism mediate the effect of brand type (nonprofit vs. for-profit) on consumers’ intention to like brand pages on Facebook. They demonstrate that nonprofit brands are “easier” to like on social media because consumers perceive these brands to be warmer and more symbolic than for-profit brands.