Winter, S., Neubaum, G., Eimler, S.C., Gordon, V., Theil, J., Herrmann, J., … Krämer, N.C. (2014). Another brick in the Facebook wall – How personality traits relate to the content of status updates. Computers in Human Behavior, 34, 194–202. doi:10.1016/j.chb.2014.01.048

Abstract: Status updates represent a new form of one-to-many communication which is widely used among members of social networking sites (SNS). The present study investigated the question of who in particular uses the self-presentational opportunities of this feature and which users engage in riskier self-disclosures than others. Combining questionnaire and content analysis, we related self-reports on users’ personality traits (extraversion, narcissism, self-efficacy, need to belong, need for popularity) to the actual use of Facebook status updates. Results showed that higher degrees of narcissism led to deeper self-disclosures and more self-promotional content within these messages. Users with higher need to belong disclosed more intimate information in status updates, while perceived efficacy of self-presentation was negatively related to the mass suitability of postings. Findings extend prior research on personality and SNS usage with regard to dynamic features and content differences in online self-presentation.

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