Brunsting, S., & Van den Putte, B. (2006). Web-based computer-tailored feedback on alcohol use: Motivating excessive drinkers to consider their behavior. In M. Murero & R. E. Rice (Eds.), The Internet and Health care: Theory, research, and practice (pp. 313-333). Mahwah: NJ; Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Abstract: The content of this chapter is as follows. First, we will describe the term computer tailoring and give examples of computer-tailored interventions that have recently been developed. Second, we will describe the theoretical basis underlying computer-tailored interventions. We will also describe a recent example of a web-based computer-tailored intervention to illustrate how this theory is used in practice and to give an example of the type of computer-tailored intervention discussed here. Third, we will discuss issues raised by the theory and the example, and we will further examine these issues in a small-scale study. Finally, we will discuss the results of this study and directions for further research.