Voorveld, H. A. M., Smit, E. G., Neijens, P. C., & Bronner, A. E. (2012). Media guiding consumers across different stages of the purchase process (Extended abstract). In M. Morrison (Ed.), The Proceedings of the 2012 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising (pp. 30-31). ISBN: 978-0-931030-43-7.

Abstract: Recent developments in the media landscape have fundamentally changed the way consumers search and use information to guide their purchase decisions. Insight into consumers’ search for and use of information across media is still in its infancy. This paper aims to answer the question: which media are used in what stage of the purchase process, for what type of products, and by what type of consumers?
Keywords: consumer decision making, stages of the purchase process, use of media, multichannel use