Neijens, P., & Voorveld, H. (2015). Cross-platform advertising: Current practices and issues for the future. Journal of Advertising Research, 55(4), 362-367. doi: 10.2501/JAR-2015-016

Abstract:  The combination of different media, platforms, and channels in brand communication is changing advertising theory, research, and practice. The various players—advertisers, advertising and media agencies, media owners, research companies, and academic advertising researchers—all are eager to contribute data, insights, and theories on uses and effects of these touchpoints in brand communication. The goal: how to effectively integrate them in advertising campaigns.

In this contribution, we have provided an overall assessment of current cross-platform issues and propose ideas for advancing both theory and practice. To this end, we have explored the most important peer-reviewed advertising and marketing journals as well as two of the most important industry sources.

We also conducted a brief survey among key players at media agencies about current practices to find out what they consider to be the major developments and challenges for the future. We conclude with a call to academia and industry for more cooperation and cumulative research on the topic.

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