Mazerant, K., & Willemsen, L. M. (2018). Now and Wow! How Temporal Characteristics Affect the Word of Mouth of Topical Advertising. In Advances in Advertising Research IX (pp. 273-286). Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden.

Abstract: Despite the growing adoption of Topical Advertising (TA), little scholarship has been undertaken to understand what factors drive its success. In a content analysis of 200 TA Twitter messages of the Forbes Top-100 brands, we propose and test two possible drivers of success (1) temporal location, and (2) temporal responsiveness of the message. The findings show that TA messages referring to the present (compared to the future) yield more word of mouth. Consumers are more likely to talk about TA messages that are aligned with events located in the past compared to the future.

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