Meijers, M. H., Noordewier, M. K., & Avramova, Y. R. (2013). I just recycled. Can I use the car now? When people continue or discontinue behaving sustainably after an initial sustainable act. Encouraging sustainable behavior: Psychology and the environment. New York and London: Psychology Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 71-80.

Abstract: In this chapter we focus on what happens after people behaved sustainably. We offer a framework on when people are more likely to continuously behave sustainably versus when people are more likely to shift to less sustainable behavior. Specifically, we will argue that people are more likely to discontinue behaving sustainably after engaging in sustainable behavior when they have the goal or feel they should behave sustainably, whereas people are more likely to continue behaving sustainably when they have the mindset or they want to behave sustainably. Implications of this framework will be discussed.
Keywords: sustainable behavior, balance, priming, licensing effect, carry-on effect