Van Reijmersdal, E. A., Smit, E. G., & Neijens, P. C. (2010). How media factors affect audience responses to brand placement. International Journal of Advertising, 29(2), 279-302. DOI:10.2501/S0265048710201154

Abstract: This study investigates the influence of media factors on brand placement effects in a real-life setting. Although many studies on brand placement have been conducted, insights into context effects on brand placement reactions are scarce. The impact of objective and subjective media context factors is studied for brands placed in four different television shows. Drawing on a survey of 1195 viewers, we found that genre, programme attitude and the programme’s informational value had positive effects on brand placement reactions. These results support theories on ‘spillover effects’ and media gratifications. The effect of genre on viewers’ behaviour was partially mediated by the programme’s perceived informational value. This study shows the importance of context factors in brand placement effects.
Keywords: brand placement, product placement, television, genre, effects