Gelders, D. , deCock, R., Neijens, P .C., & Roe, K. (2007). Government communication about policy intentions: Unwanted propaganda or democratic inevitability? Surveys among government communication professionals and journalists in Belgium and the Netherlands. Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 32(3), 363-377.

Abstract: Recent developments in politics, the media, and society have stressed the rising importance of public communication from the government about policies not yet been adopted by Parliament. Government communication professionals and journalists are key figures in this process but conflicting interests mark a tense relationship. Up until now, few empirical studies have been conducted to shed light on the opinions of both professions concerning ‘Communication about Not yet Adopted Policy’ (CNAP). We studied the issue in both the Netherlands and Belgium because research has shown that these countries stand out in regard to debating and reflecting on CNAP. This article maps recent Dutch empirical research and a more elaborated Belgian study, and shows that CNAP is generally accepted by government communication professionals and journalists. Moreover, the Belgian study shows the respondents’ opinions regarding the acceptance of CNAP, their arguments, and the conditions CNAP must meet.
Keywords: public communication; public relations; journalism; policy intentions; propaganda