Smit, E. G., Van Meurs, A., & Neijens, P. C. (2006). Effects of ad likeability: A 10-year perspective. Journal of Advertising Research, 46(1), 73-83. doi: 10.2501/s0021849906060089

Abstract: In the early 1990s various studies showed the importance of advertising likeability for advertising effectiveness. Has the role of advertising likeability changed since then? We analysed audience reactions to 3,000 commercials broadcast on Dutch TV in the period 1992-2001—a period in which the amount of media and advertising boomed. Over time, commercials were perceived as less likeable and less effective. The predictive value of different advertising likeability dimensions, however, remained stable over time. We also found that the influence of advertising likeability differed for different types of products.
Keywords: advertising likeability, advertising effectiveness, audience reactions