Van Rekom, J., Jacobs, G., Verlegh, P. W. J., & Podnar, K. (2006). Capturing the essence of a corporate brand personality: A Western brand in Eastern Europe. Journal of Brand Management, 14(1/2), 114-124. DOI:10.1057/

Abstract: This study focuses on the positioning of a Western brand (McDonald’s) in an Eastern European market (Slovenia), and shows how corporate communication efforts can influence consumer perceptions of brand essence. In order to ensure the long-time viability of a brand’s equity, preserving and reinforcing its essence is of primordial importance. A method is presented for identifying those characteristics of the personality of a corporate brand that make up its essence. Such a tool is suitable for refined corporate positioning, because it not only shows which corporate characteristics form the essence of the corporate brand, but also shows why they are so essential.
Keywords: Branding, cognitive causal mapping, international marketing