Boerman, S. C., Van Reijmersdal, E. A., & Neijens, P. C. (2015). Dit programma bevat product placement. Effecten van sponsorvermeldingen in televisieprogramma’s. In A. E. Bronner (Ed.), Ontwikkelingen in het marktonderzoek (pp. 79-92). Haarlem: Spaar en Hout.

Abstract: European guidelines require that product placement or brand placement in television programs are disclosed by a text “This program contains product placement” or a PP logo. These so-called sponsorship disclosures aim to inform viewers about products or brand that are purposefully integrated in television programs. Do these disclosures have their intended effect? And what are the consequences for the evaluation of this form of advertising and the brand? In two experiments we examined the effects of sponsorship disclosures on the processing and evaluation of brand placement. These studies show that when a sponsorship disclosure is noticed, it increases the attention to the brand placement and makes the viewer aware of the fact that advertising was incorporated into the program. This recognition of advertising also leads to better brand recall, but also a more critical evaluation of the brand placement and less positive brand attitudes. These findings demonstrate that sponsorship disclosures can reach their goal, but also have important implications for the effectiveness of brand placement.