Maslowska, E., Smit, E. G., & Van den Putte, B. (2011). “Written just for me?!” The persuasiveness of personalized communication and the role of consumer-related factors. In A. Bradshaw, C. Hackley & P. Maclaren (Eds.), European Advances in Consumer Research. Vol. 9 (pp. 612). London: Association for Consumer Research.

It is believed that personalized communication succeeds in influencing consumers. This study examined the persuasiveness of personalized e-mail newsletters in terms of increased attention, processing, attitude, intention, and behavior. In addition, consumer-related factors were taken into account. Participants randomly received newsletters containing one of three personalization strategies (identification, raising expectation of personalization, and contextualization) or a nonpersonalized newsletter. The hypothesized superiority of personalization was not confirmed. However, we found different personalization strategies to be effective for different stages of the persuasion process. The effects were moderated by consumers’ need for uniqueness, trust in company, and privacy concerns.