Our program

The programĀ Persuasive Communication addresses those communication processes that are intended to achieve specificĀ persuasive goals, as is the case in, for instance, marketing communication, health education, and public information campaigns. The research is aimed at understanding the dynamics that shape uses and effects of mediated persuasive communication.

Persuasive Communication is a HRM based program group within the department of Communication Science of the UvA’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. People gives an overview of all faculty which are involved in teaching at the master level in the Graduate School of Communication, and in teaching at the bachelor level in the College of Communication. The Graduate School hosts about 350 Master students yearly with a bilingual Dutch-English program. 40% of these students finish the Persuasive Communication track. The English-taught PhD program has more than 30 students with diverse backgrounds. The College of Communication offers a broad program in Communication Science and welcomes more than 500 first year students in September, 1800 bachelor students in total. Many of our lecturers are also researchers at the Amsterdam School of Communications Research (ASCOR), which is the largest Communication Science research institute in the Netherlands, and is among the largest worldwide.