Persuasion & Resistance

77643K004Y Persuasion & Resistance (Elective, Master level, 6 ECTS)
Lecturers: Dr. Guda van Noort, Dr. Marieke Fransen, Dr. Sophie Boerman, Dr. Eva van Reijmersdal

Many people think that advertising, health and public information campaigns are a strong force to persuade audiences. However, increasingly, people avoid campaign messages. When confronted with a persuasion attempt in media, audiences experience a certain amount of resistance, often referred to as `resistance towards persuasion? In this seminar, we study resistance from the perspective of both audiences and advertisers. We examine the strategies that audiences use to guard themselves from influence of persuasive messages, for example counter arguing, avoidance, inoculation, source derogation, social validation, selective exposure, and attitude bolstering. In addition, the development and use of persuasion knowledge and ad literacy are discussed. We also study the strategies that advertisers use to decrease receivers reluctance and hence foster persuasion, such as using new advertising formats (e.g., brand placement, advergames, experience marketing, social media marketing), addressing resistance directly (e.g., two-sided messages), addressing resistance indirectly (e.g., self-affirmation), and consuming resistance (e.g., depletion).

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