Zeph van Berlo, MSc

Name: Zeph van Berlo
MsC: 2016, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
Interests: Covert advertising, resistance
Research: In my research, I focus on the effects of covert advertising techniques, like advergames and product placement, on consumer behavior. I am especially interested in studying the effects of persuasive messages on persuasion knowledge activation and the underlying psychological mechanisms explaining resistance to persuasion. I have also been involved in projects on online media engagement on brand responses and the online representation of people on dating websites.
Teaching: Methods in Communication Science & Statistics (MCR/S), Research Workshop: Survey (RWS), Research Workshop: Content Analysis (RWC), The Media Landscape (TML), Philosophy of Science and Methodology (PSM), Persuasive Communication

Publication list of: Zeph van Berlo, MSc