Verena Wottrich, MSc

Name: Verena M. Wottrich
PhD: Expected in 2018, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: prof. dr. Edith G. Smit
Co-promotor(s): dr. Eva van Reijmersdal
MSc: 2015, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
Interests: Persuasion, persuasive processing, new media advertising (e.g., advergames, online behavioral advertising, creative media advertising), mobile apps, dataveillance, consumer privacy concerns, implicit measurement.
Research: Nowadays, marketers increasingly use mobile apps as a powerful tool for collecting consumer information – often without users’ knowledge or awareness. In my PhD project I investigate what mobile app users know about the information collection methods of mobile apps, what they think about these techniques, which trade-off they make between the benefits of using an app and the costs of giving up privacy, and how this all affects consumers’ affective and conative responses toward brands.

Publication list of: Verena Wottrich, MSc