prof. dr. Ed Peelen

Name: Ed Peelen
PhD: 1989
Promotor: Jan Bunt
MSc: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, bedrijfseconomie
Interests: Content marketing, customer experience, customer relations, digital marketing
Research: Ed Peelen┬áhas been named professor by special appointment of Content Marketing at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The chair was designated on behalf of the Customer Media Chair Foundation (Stichting Leerstoel Customer Media).
Ed Peelen has a background in customer marketing, customer intelligence, customer experience and omni-channels, and new customer-focused business models and propositions. As a professor by special appointment, he will focus on the changes in the media landscape and the related advent of content marketing. With the changes to information carriers and communication patterns, it is becoming more important to devote more attention to the narrative, the content, and how it is shared, enriched and distributed. It is also vital to examine its effects on customer engagement, the customer experience and the eventual sale and brand loyalty. Working closely with the business community, Peelen will be researching initiatives in this area.
Teaching: Content Marketing


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