Monique Alblas, MSc


Name: Monique Alblas
MsC: 2015, University of Amsterdam, cum laude
Interests: Persuasive communication, health psychology, eating behaviour, self-regulation
Research: In my PhD research, I study the mechanisms that may explain how media use may lead to increased unhealthy food intake (e.g., by activating the mental goal to eat palatable foods, or by increased visual attention to the foods in media). The project focusses both on the effects of food-related media content (i.e., in cooking shows or TV commercials) and media use goals (i.e., hedonic versus information oriented media uses). In addition, the influence of personal characteristics such as dietary restraint and self-regulatory success in this relation is assessed.
Teaching: Introduction to Communication Science, Persuasive Communication, Research Workshop: Experiment, Research Workshop: Survey Design, Internship Supervision


Alblas, M. C., Mollen, S., Fransen, M. L., & van den Putte, B. (2019). Watch what you watch: The effect of exposure to food-related television content on the accessibility of a hedonic eating goal. Appetite, 134, 204–211.

Linn, A. J., Alblas, M. C., Van Weert, J. C. M., & Bol, N. (2015). Een kwestie van voorkeur? Een experimentele studie naar het aanpassen van gezondheidsinstructies aan de voorkeur voor modaliteit van de ontvanger. Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap, 43(4), 362-377. doi:10.5553/TCW/138469302015043004004

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