Maria Altendorf, MSc

Name: Maria Altendorf
PhD: Expected in 2021, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: Prof. dr. Julia van Weert
Co-promotor(s): Dr. Eline Smit and Dr. Ciska Hoving (Maastricht University)
MSc: 2016, VU Vrije University Amsterdam
Interests: I am interested in increasing health of people by means of behavioural change and motivation through online communication, with special regard to smoking cessation. In addition, I am interested in research in ageing patients and improvement of their care.
Research: In my PhD research I will investigate the effects of message frame tailoring in online smoking cessation communication for motivated smoking quitters. First, the most autonomy-supportive message frame for smoking cessation messages will be researched. Then, this knowledge will be used to develop a userfriendly online smoking cessation intervention. In the last phase of my PhD, the (cost-) effectiveness of the developed intervention will be studied in a randomized controlled trial.

Publication list of: Maria Altendorf, MSc