Lizzy Hissink, BSc

Name: Lizzy Hissink
MSc: Expected in 2018, Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam
Supervisors: M.H. Nguyen (MSc), prof. dr. J.C.M. van Weert, prof. dr. E.M.A. Smets (AMC)
Co-supervisor: I.S. van Strien-Knippenberg (MSc)
Interests: Medical/Clinical psychology, eHealth, health interventions, provider-patient communication, oncology
Research: Currently, I am doing my Clinical Psychology master’s at the UvA. For my master thesis I am working as a research intern at the PhD project of Minh Hao Nguyen. In this project we investigate in the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of Amsterdam how online information should be presented to older colorectal cancer patients. In a randomized controlled trial (RCT) we investigate the effects of exposure to a website that is adapted to (tailored) patient’s mode preferences as compared to exposure to a standardized (non-tailored) website. The aim of the project is to establish theory- and evidence-based guidance for optimal information provision to older cancer patients.

Publication list of: Lizzy Hissink, BSc