Komala Mazerant, MA

Name: Komala Mazerant
PhD: Expected 2021, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: prof. dr. Guda van Noort
Co-promotor(s): dr. Lotte M. Willemsen
MA: 2003, Business Communication, Radboud University.
Interests: real-time marketing, digital content marketing, social media, persuasive communication, artificial intelligence
Research: Real-time marketing is a commonly used strategy. By aligning their social media messages with real-time events, brands aim to become part of the daily conversation in order to break through the clutter and increase their visibility. Although widely used, little is known whether Real-time Marketing is a successful strategy, and if so, why. In my PhD project, I examine the effectiveness of Real-time Marketing, and its underlying mechanisms.

Publication list of: Komala Mazerant, MA