Hande Sungur, MSc

Name: Hande Sungurhande-sungur
PhD: Expected 2017, VU University Amsterdam
Promotor: prof. dr. Peter Kerkhof
Co-promotors: dr. Tilo Hartmann and dr. Guido van Koningsbruggen
MSc: Cognitive Psychology 2010, Bogazici University
Interests: Online credibility, Media Realism, Media Psychology, Health Communication
Research: My PhD project investigates the heuristic evaluations of online credibility and application of construal level theory of psychological distance to online credibility judgements. The post-doc project I am involved in is aimed at developing an oncological module for a health communication application (The Health Communicator), for the elder immigrant cancer patients.
Teaching: Methods of Communication Research and Statistics, Media Landscape, Entertainment Communication, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Premaster’s thesis supervision.
Publication list of: Hande Sungur, MSc