dr. Christin Scholz

Name: Christin Scholz
PhD: 2017, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USAPhoto on 06-02-2018 at 08.35
Dissertation: Neural and Psychological Bases of Health News Sharing (Advisor: Emily B. Falk, Committee members: Joseph N. Cappella, Robert Hornik)
MA: 2013, University of Amsterdam, and 2015, University of Pennsylvania
Interests: interpersonal communication, information diffusion, health communication, functional neuroimaging, neuroscience, field experiments, ecological momentary assessment, geolocation tracking, psychological mechanisms of large-scale message effects, social influence, behaviour change
Research: My research examines the role of social interactions between individuals in the diffusion of information and the development of large-scale message effects in the context of health-related outcomes. To understand the complex interplay between social forces and message effects, I tailor multi-methodological approaches including neuroscientific methods like fMRI and social science techniques such as observational geolocation tracking, field experimentation, and survey methods to capture both detailed psychological mechanisms and real-world behavior. Using these methods, I have studied, among others, the neural and psychological mechanisms of decisions to share health-related information with others, the role played by these mechanisms in population-level sharing behavior, and the relationship between neural message processing and real-world effects of interpersonal communication on drinking behavior. Current projects focus on questions such as: How do interpersonal communication and social relationships influence the effectiveness of population-level health messaging and how can we design messages that optimize these social processes?; How does neural coupling between those who share information and their receivers impact the diffusion of information and the development population-level message effects?; What is the effect of repeated, real-world exposure to smoking cues on smoker’s cigarette craving and neural cue reactivity?

Teaching: Health Communication, Master Thesis Supervision


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