Daisy Zhang, MSc

DaisyProfileName: Daisy Zhang
PhD: Expected in 2024
Supervisors: dr. Hilde Voorveld, dr. Theo Araujo, dr. Sophie Boerman, dr. Hanneke Hendriks
MSc: Research Master’s MSc in Communication Science, University of Amsterdam, 2018-2020
BSSc: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2014-2018
Interests: marketing communication, personalized communication, human computer interaction
Research: Surveillance via media technologies is a heavily debated phenomenon, causing people to experience increased feelings of being tracked, and giving rise to a set of folk theories regarding personalization and surveillance. Despite growing concerns about online privacy, people are bringing media devices into their lives that enable the collection of personal information, such as smart speakers with virtual assistants, fitness trackers, and cloud-connected video doorbells. We define such technology as surveillance-enabling media technology. My PhD project investigates how individuals’ perceptions and use of surveillance-enabling media technologies influence their responses towards the medium and personalized persuasive messages over time. In addition, we aim to examine whether literacy interventions might help increase informed decision making.