Anne Roos Smink, MSc

Anne_roosName: Anne Roos Smink
PhD: Expected 2020, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: prof. dr. Peter Neijens
Co-promotor(s): dr. Guda van Noort and dr. Eva van Reijmersdal
MSc: 2014, Research Master Communication Science, University of Amsterdam.
Interests: Augmented Reality, persuasion, persuasive communication, personalized communication, mobile apps, smartglasses, Internet of things
Research: Augmented Reality applications allow people to see the real world through a virtual overlay. Augmented Reality applications are poised to transform persuasion as we know it and are expected to be more persuasive than conventional advertising due to their interactivity, vividness, realism and personalization opportunities. In my PhD project I examine how Augmented Reality transforms consumers’ persuasion process. Specifically, the antecedents and consequences of using Augmented Reality apps are studied in both an informational and entertaining context.
Teaching: Content Marketing, Experiment (research practicum)

Publication list of: Anne Roos Smink, MSc