dr. Aart Velthuijsen

Name: Aart S. Velthuijsen
PhD: 1996, University of Amsterdam
MSc: 1978, Utrecht University
Interests: Aart Velthuijsen specialized in social influence processes in relation to both basic and applied issues. His projects include studies on the impersonal impact of mass media and the moderating role of interpersonal communication for mass media effects. His applied projects focus on priming in advertising, the effects of media images on body images, visual rethoric and narrative persuasion. He is the (co-)author of journal articles and bookchapters, on topics including social support, teleconferencing, priming, impersonal impact, and order in the classroom.
Link: http://web.me.com/velthuijsen/aarts_site/welkom.html
Research: Automatic process and unconscious thought in social influence
Teaching: Experimenteel Practicum, Message Strategies, Communication in social situations, supervision of master theses

Publication list of: dr. Aart Velthuijsen