Media Strategies

Course: 77643K006Y Media Strategies (Elective, Master level, 6 ECTS)
Lecturer: Dr. Hilde Voorveld

The current media landscape offers almost infinite possibilities to advertise and to seek and engage in dialogue with the consumer. The question how to reach your audience is getting increasingly complex. However, communication can only be effective if the right person is contacted at the right time and in right place. In this course you will learn how to make informed choices about the use of communication in different media.

The course focuses on the use of traditional media like television or magazines, but also on the rapidly changing arena of online media by studying online behavioral advertising, retargeting, and social media. Furthermore we address more subtle forms of advertising media (content marketing, branded entertainment), cross media strategies and the role of context in media strategies.

Besides theoretical knowledge on media strategies and media planning, this course builds on getting to know the media industry, the way it works and the practical and theoretical issues that are encountered. For example, we discuss hot issues like ad blockers and programmatic buying, and study current audience measurement research. We also take a look in the future to discover future challenges and directions.

In the seminar, you will be prepared to satisfy this rapidly growing need for knowledge and advice about media related issues. Through various individual and group assignments, the acquired academic knowledge will be applied directly to practical cases. An important asset of this seminar is that you will be trained to write a convincing media plan for a commercial organization, and to reflect on that using the literature. The combination of practical perspectives and theoretical approaches makes this elective useful for students that are interested in marketing communication, political and/or health campaigns, or have a more general passion for media.

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