Master’s thesis

The master’s thesis at the Graduate School of Communication is a “Graduation Project” (18 ECTS) that consists of three phases whereby students can chose from various themes. After having chosen one of the themes, master’s thesis can start. The first phase takes place during the 1st semester of the Master’s program, and consists of 3 ‘thesis preparation group’ meetings. During these thesis preparation group meetings, groups of ca. 20 students from the same specialization meet under the supervision of a senior lecturer from the corresponding program group. The pre-thesis meetings result in an individual thesis proposal. Students who passed this phase, are assigned an individual thesis supervisor, which occurs during Block III of the master’s program. The second phase takes place during Blok 1 of the 2nd semester, where students further develop their thesis proposal under the guidance of the individual supervisor into a ‘final thesis outline’. The third phase takes place during Blok 2 and 3 of one’s second semester of the master program, and consists of individual supervision towards the eventual master’s thesis. Students initially further develop their thesis proposal under the guidance of the individual supervisor, and then continue into the conduct and completion of the master’s thesis research.

Aims: The Graduation project in the master’s program unites a training process with a critical test of qualifications. The Graduation project is an essential part of training where the student is being guided and supervised in the conduct, analysis, and reporting of a academic empirical study. Also, it is the rounding up of the academic program and thereby a test of the student’s academic capabilities in the conduct of academic research in all its facets and ability to critically reflect thereupon.