Marketing Communication

Course: 77643SP04Y Marketing Communication (Required, Master level, 12 ECTS)
Lecturers: Dr. Margot van der Goot, Dr. Ewa Maslowska, Dr. Daan Muntinga, Dr. Lisa Vandeberg, Dr. Hilde Voorveld

Central to this seminar are communications between advertisers and consumers and how this influences consumers’ attitudes and behaviour.

Advertisers generated communication involves the production and contents of advertising and other brand messages about commercial, social and green marketing topics by advertisers, organizations, and brands. Consumers generated communication about brands, products and good causes takes place through negative and positive (e)Wom, product reviews, and liking and sharing of brand messages.Students learn theories on, and practices of marketing communication and user generated content and its effects on attitudes, buying and consuming of products and services.

Students also learn how to use this understanding in designing theory based and evidence based campaigns and webcare.The seminar consists of four parts:
A. Setting the Scene. Students are introduced to the fields of advertising and integrated marketing communications and its contexts: markets and brands.
B. The Consumer. To be able to create effective marketing communications it is important to understand the receiver of these communications. It is discussed how consumer-decision making, both in online and offline contexts takes place, how advertising influences this process, and how consumers process marketing communications.
C. The Campaign. In developing a campaign it is important to know how advertisers and agencies work together, which advertising strategies one can choose from, which media and media schedules should be chosen, and how campaign effectiveness should be evaluated.
D. The Interactions. In the digital era marketing communication is no longer a one-way process: consumers actively interact with brands online. Communication professionals should be able to address or even make use of these consumer-brand engagements. Lastly, privacy issues are discussed.

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