Health Communication

Course: 77643SP03Y Health Communication (Required, Master level, 12 ECTS)
Lecturers: Dr. Stephanie Welten, Dr. Gert-Jan de Bruijn, Dr. Corine Meppelink, Prof. Dr. Bas van den Putte, Dr. Barbara Schouten

As a student in the Health Communication seminar you will become acquainted with planning models that help you systematically plan health communication interventions (Weeks 1-2). A key ingredient in changing behavior is to understand how people make decisions; therefore, in this seminar we will discuss major theories that help explain health behavior, paying attention to rational as well as more automatic and habitual routes to behavior (Weeks 3-5). Based on our understanding of why people make certain decisions, it is subsequently important to select the appropriate communication methods to change behavior. In Weeks 7 through 13 we will, therefore, go deeper into well-established and innovative behavior change methods, such as emotional appeals, eHealth and Entertainment Education.

You will learn to critically analyze the theories and research conducted in this field during discussions in class, as well as when writing your individual research proposal and during the development of a health communication intervention plan together with your fellow students. For this health communication intervention plan, you will work in small groups and apply the knowledge acquired over the course of the seminar by designing a health communication intervention on a health topic of your own choosing.

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