Fred Bronner wins 2017 Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award

Fred Bronner and Robert de Hoog (University of Twente) received the 2017 Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award for the best empirical research article published in the Journal of Travel Research (impact factor 5.169). The contribution was titled ‘Tourist Demand Reactions: Symmetric or Asymmetric across the Business Cycle?’. Economizing and spending priorities on different tupes of vacations are investigated during two periods: an economic downturn and returning prosperity. Through comparing the results, conclusions can be drawn about symmetric or asymmetric tourism demand across the business cycle. The main summer holiday is fairly crisis-resistant and does not behave like a classical luxury product. Consequences for advertising strategies in recession and prosperity are sketched. The award was received in the last week of June 2018 at a travel and tourism conference in Miami.