Master Track

Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam concentrates on the production, uses, and consequences of information and communication in informing, persuading, and entertaining citizens. With 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students, Communication Science is among the biggest departments at the University of Amsterdam. The College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication offer a Bachelor and Master program, a European joint degree program in Journalism and a Research Master, the only of its kind in the Netherlands.

PersCom students study a variety of marketing and health communication theories, and learn to apply these theories to challenging problems of health behavior, advertising, and branding. Attention is paid to media as carriers of persuasive messages, in particular to new media developments, which are characterized by the integration of persuasive messages and entertainment productions, targeting, tailoring, interactivity, and social media. Other important study objects are the role of message appeals, source influences, media characteristics, social influence, persuasion tactics, information processing, and resistance strategies.

Upon completion of the program students will receive a legally recognized Master of Science (MSc) degree in Communication Science (Communicatiewetenschap). Persuasive Communication will be mentioned in the diploma supplement.

The curriculum of the track Persuasive Communication of the Master in Communication Science comprises two required core courses Health Communication (12 ECTS) and Marketing Communication (12 ECTS). Furthermore, students will complete a method course (6 ECTS) during the first semester. In the second semester, students complete two elective modules of 6 ECTS each and a master’s thesis (18 ECTS). Students must obtain a total of 60 credits to be awarded the degree. Fulfilment of all the requirements should take one year of full-time study. All courses within Persuasive Communication are taught in English as well as in Dutch.