Edwin Oberjé will defend his dissertation on Thursday 18th June 2015

Since 1996, HIV can be treated effectively with combination Antiretroviral Therapie (cART). However, non-adherence to cART remains a problem for a substantial number of patients, leading to poor clinical outcomes and avoidable healthcare costs.
The objective of this dissertation is to study the (cost-)effectiveness of the Adherence Improving self-Management Strategy (AIMS) in HIV-care, compared to treatment-as-usual. Fundamental to AIMS is monitoring adherence using electronic pill boxes. The data obtained through electronic monitoring can be downloaded online and the data show intake patterns over the past period, which permits discussion of adherence barriers and solutions to deal with these. The study was conducted in a multi-center trial with seven Dutch HIV-clinics involved. The patients who received AIMS suppressed their virus better than patients who received treatment-as-usual. Moreover, there are strong indications that AIMS is also cost-effective. Edwin Oberjé will defend his dissertation at the University of Amsterdam on Thursday 18th June.

(Co-)Promotores: Prof. dr. Marijn de Bruin (University of Aberdeen), Prof. dr. Jan Prins (University of Amsterdam), Prof. dr. Silvia Evers (Maastricht University), Prof dr. Cees van Woerkum (Wageningen University)

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