Defence dissertation Joanna Strycharz

On June 22nd Joanna Strycharz defended her dissertation “Personalized Marketing Communication in Context: Studying the Perspectives of Consumers, Industry and Regulators”.

In today’s digital world, advertisers and marketers have the opportunity to access a wide range of data about consumers. They can use these data in marketing communications to tailor it to personal characteristics, interests and behavior of individual consumers. Personalized marketing communication has advantages and disadvantages for consumers. Joanna has examined the usefulness and impact of personalized marketing communication on consumers and the industry.

The so-called personalization landscape consists of three main actors: 1) consumers whose data is collected and used for personalized marketing communication; 2) the industry that monetizes the impact of personalized marketing communication, including intermediaries such as platforms that enable personalization, as well as advertisers, ad agencies and publishers who design and distribute personalized messages; and 3) the regulators, who are responsible for setting data protection standards and related rules. Joanna brings these actors together in her dissertation.

The dissertation was supervised by Edith Smit (promotor), Natali Helberger (promotor) and Guda van Noort (co-promotor).

The full dissertation can be found here.