Claire Segijn wins the Best Student Conference Paper Award of the American Academy of Advertising

ASCoR PhD candidate Claire Segijn received the award for her paper “Consumers’ Multiscreening Viewing Behavior, Reporting, and Effects: An Eye-Tracking Study” at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) held March, 2016 in Seattle. The paper was supervised by prof. Edith Smit, dr. Hilde Voorveld, and dr. Lisa Vandeberg. This is the second year in a row that she wins the best student conference paper award of the AAA.

The study
The paper describes consumers’ multiscreening viewing behavior (i.e., number of switches, gaze durations, and total viewing time), reporting of attention, and the effect of multiscreening on consumers’ memory. The results showed that 1) consumers switched between screens 2.5 times per minute, with longer average and total gaze durations on TV, 2) consumers were well capable of self-reporting their own attention, and 3) multiscreeners remembered content just as well as single screeners, when they devoted sufficient attention to the content.