Claire Segijn wins Best Student Paper Award and a Travel Grant at AAA 2015

ASCoR PhD candidate Claire Segijn received the award for her paper “Multitasking withSecond Screen Media. The Persuasive Effects and Underlying Mechanisms of Multiscreening” at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising in Chicago.

The paper was supervised by prof. Edith Smit and dr. Hilde Voorveld. Claire is the first

European student to win this award at this conference. In addition, she won one of the seven travel grants awarded to PhD students.

Multitasking with second screen media
The paper describes a relatively new form of media multitasking ‘multiscreening’ (using multiple screens, like multitasking with TV and a second screen device). In the paper an experiment is described that examined 1) whether multiscreening, like other forms of media multitasking, leads to declines in memory, and 2) the underlying mechanisms of the effect of multitscreening on evaluative outcomes (i.e., brand attitude, message attitude, and purchase intention). The results confirmed the memory deficit for multiscreening. Furthermore, the results showed that both counterarguing and ease of recognition are underlying mechanisms of the effect of multiscreening on evaluative outcomes.