Announcement of Winners of MSI Research Competition on “Social Interactions and Social Media Marketing”

Lotte Willemsen, Guda van Noort and Peeter Verlegh received a research grant from the Marketing Science Institute. Their research project “Predicting Firestorms: Using Protest Frames to Understand Negative Electronic Word of Mouth” was one of the winning submissions in the research proposal competition ‘ Social Interactions and Social Media Marketing. The research aims to validate and test a new typology of negative word of mouth (NWOM) based on framing theory. The research addresses the need for new social media monitoring metrics that are more specific and sophisticated than the ones that are currently used by monitoring tools (i.e., volume and valence), and thus more meaningful for classifying NWOM and linking these with marketing outcomes such as diffusion and persuasive impact. Having access to such metrics is considered to be of crucial importance for brands as it could help them to signal more and less influential NWOM messages, and to adapt their responses accordingly.

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